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Large Print Keyboard

Large Print Keyboard                       

Looking for a Large Print Keyboard with BIG easy to read letters?  You have come to the right place.

Here you will find information and suppliers of the Large Print Keyboard offered at very affordable prices.

We have researched the Internet and the found the top suppliers of the large print keyboard.

These suppliers are listed here.  Take a look at each and compare prices for yourself.

As the name implies, the large print keyboard contains over-sized letters and characters that are big and easy to read. 

These keyboards are the same size as normal keyboards, so they don't take up any extra room--only the letters are bigger.

This type of keyboard is perfect to those who have poor vision or have a hard time seeing the letters on traditional keyboards.

Large letter keyboards can also be beneficial to those who are working in a low-sight situation, especially to those who are working late night and in dim areas. Their are many helpful desigs for the lighted computer keyboard.

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Keyboards with large letters like these come with different features. Some come in bright colors and with lighted capabilities for better viewing.  There are all designed to improve the readability of the keyboard  and ease eyestrain, eliminate headaches and other problems that go along with not being able to see the keyboard letters very well.

Large Print vs. Small Print LettersA large letter keyboard, also known as a large print keyboard is designed with large letters (3x larger than the usual key square size), bolder font size and large buttons.

Each version has a large, one touch multi media key to make Internet access much easier.

Individuals that are wearing reading glasses, bifocals or working in low-lit areas should worry no more, since this type of computer keyboard can help them ease their problem.

In addition, large print keyboards can also work with both desktop computers and laptops. This type of a keyboard had been a very costly thing to buy in the past. But the latest versions are now offered at very reasonable prices with even better features and improved performance as compared to the older versions.

Who Will Benefit From the Large Print Keyboard

These computer keyboards are great for:

• Young children that have issues using the standard size keyboard
• Individuals that have visual impairment
• People that have larger fingers or hands and have dexterity problems
• Anyone that has a hard time using the standard size keyboard and would like to have the use of larger keys

Plus, it has the normal layout just like the usual computer keyboards (meaning the letters and characters are all in the same place It also comes in different colors. Some have colorful keyboards, while others have one specific color on all parts. 

There are some versions that are designed specifically for young children, especially those who have no previous experience with using computer keyboards. These allow the children to type faster and find the characters faster and make more accurate key strokes.

Plus, the vowel keys have different colors to the consonant keys to emphasize and highlight the difference, making it easier for kids to learn.

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Most all of these large print keyboards are plug and play.  They are simple and easy to use.  They include standard USB connection and can be used on both desktop and laptop. Plus, they come with 2 USB ports for mouse or webcam connection.

Just like normal computer keyboards, a large print keyboard is also a basic device that is used to input information into the system, however, it is most ideal for the beginners, seniors and those that have limited knowledge about computers.

If you are having trouble seeing the keys on a normal keyboard you should take a look at these larger print keyboards today.

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Other suppliers we have seen that offer great prices are: and Chester




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