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Illuminated Computer Keyboard 

Here are suppliers of the illuminated computer keyboard that are offered at great prices.

At the bottom of this page is a review on a Top Rated Illuminated Keyboard.

The illuminated keyboard is very popular for use in low light areas.

Different versions of illuminated computer keyboards have features that any computer users and gamers would surely love, as they consist of standard and illuminated functional keys.

Most versions provide fantastic typing experience to its user as it illuminates the key, thus, helping the user to perform the task even during late night or in dim areas without causing eyestrains and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

There are versions that have clear border, smooth keys and slim profile, allowing the user to type faster with efficient and perfect stroke. This feature provides their users satisfaction which they feel like they’re using a notebook.

The latest versions that are out in the market are those that have slick designwhich are thinner than conventional computer keyboards, giving them a modern hi-tech look.

Illuminated computer keyboard is also beneficial for late night gamers. This is ideal since there are different versions that will surely fit various late night gamers. There is one version that uses no game pads or controllers which usually compromise space and USB ports.

The said version features an integrated game pad powered by the manufacturer’s technology. This also has illuminated LED back light which differs in colors; red, blue, white and purple are some of the colors to choose from. It also provides 4 levels of LED lighting that range from subtle, ambient, and intense to off.

These high quality keys can also be switched on and off at the touch of the button, helping the typing speed increased and hand fatigue reduced.

Illuminated computer keyboard usually includes USB interface, volume control keys, Email, Home, Favorite, Search, and other additional keys.

Plus, they have extra long power cord, multi-media keys, and translucent and smooth keys.

This is also compatible with all Windows Operating Systems. Other versions come with butterfly lay out which are dedicated to gaming - combining 34 gaming keys. These versions have ergonomic game pad tilts to match normal wrist position, providing relaxed gaming to their user. Aside from this feature, this version also has simultaneous key strokes response which provides comfort to the gamer.

Plus, most versions have quiet keystrokes; they are creating no noise distraction. They also come with adjustable illumination. Some illuminated keyboard versions have additional remarkable features like extremely slim and sleek profile, and translucent keys and frames, making it less obtrusive. Others have deep keystrokes which makes typing more accurate.

Some versions also come with a large print keyboard for even better visibility.

Illuminated computer keyboard allows the user to type or input the information into the system even in the dark. The user will have a chance to work or play anytime with LED backlit keys that are bright enough to let him type in dim areas or during late night. The same with usual computer keyboards, this lighted computer keyboard has full QWERTY keys with highly visible shortcut keys.

Overall, another level of typing experience will be enjoyed by the user by using this type of computer keyboard. 

Here is a review of a Top Rated Illuminated Keyboard.

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