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Lighted Computer Keyboard

Here you will find suppliers with great prices on versions of the lighted computer keyboard.

We invite you to take a look at each and compare prices yourself.

An illuminated computer keyboard can be a very helpful tool and are not the easiest to find.

We have done the work for you and you fill find suppliers here that all have lighted keyboards.

The lighted computer keyboard can be very helpful for many reasons.

First, these tools help to reduce eye strain which causes fatigue, headaches, back and neck strain. They can also be a great benefit to computer users with limited vision. They also serves quite well when working in dark areas or during late at night.

This modern styled computer keyboard is not just the basic device which is used to input information into the system but also has the potential to ease other symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS) like eyestrain and headaches.

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Regarding the night vision feature, the lighted computer keyboard brings great innovation to the computer by creating a comfortable, ambient and conducive place to working on projects; especially if they are done in dim lit environments.

This keyboard usually includes multiple multimedia functions that are settled across the top of the keyboard and are split into 2 groups – somewhat similar features with conventional computer keyboards.

Most modern styled lit keyboards have additional keys on their left side like Internet, Home, Email, Back Forward, search, Refresh, Favorites, Stop, etc.

Plus, they come in different shapes; some have curving lift to the rear to elevate their rear while others have butterfly lay out or may look like joysticks, making them the perfect solution for late night web surfers, gamers, online assistants, and computer users.

Aside from that, most lighted computer keyboard versions have LED lighted and smooth quiet touch keys, one-touch internet access keys for easy web browsing, with life of more than ten million percussions and have comprehensive multimedia keys and functions.

Some versions have specific LED light that illuminates through each key while others have smooth silica gel cushioned keys. But most have energy saving feature since they used non-glare LED lighted board with USB interface. In addition, other versions have anti-static or anti-electromagnetic interference which prevent crashing out of information during work time.

Different versions of lighted computer keyboard have various colored LED lights on the keyboard to choose from. Some have white LED lighted board which illuminates clearly through key yet gentle enough not to cause eyestrain while others have blue LED.

There are lots of night scheduled tasks anyone can accomplish by using a lighted computer keyboard. This can be used to input documents, access menus, set some system without the help of mouse and many more.

This type of a specialized keyboard, like the large print keyboard, also include shortcut keys that allow you to perform certain tasks more easily and quickly using just the keyboard. However, the main advantage of this computer keyboard is it allows the user to perform their tasks even during late night or in the dark areas, without causing eyestrain.

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